Social Media Headshot

Mike uses Twitter, LinkedIn, among other social media websites and was in dire need of a profile photograph. You came to the right place, I can help you with that. Here is his final selection with retouching.
Mike Headshot

… and here is mine with my edgy retouching

Edgy Mike

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Take a Closer Look in Your Garden

If you are like me, most of the time you are checking your garden for red tomatoes, ripe peppers, the size of your cucumbers, etc. Take a closer look — there is beauty in the green leaves of your plants.

Below are cucumber, green pepper, and tomato leaves.

Cucumber Leaf

Green Pepper Leaf

Tomato Leaf

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Who Remembers 8mm Movie Film?

8mm Movie Film
Before I was born, my dad bought himself an 8mm movie camera. As I grew up, I thought I was a movie star. I can still remember the blinding light atop that camera as he filmed my sister and me doing crazy things in the house.

Now my kids, who are used to just clicking on a video on the computer, think I’m nuts when I pull out the screen, projector, wait for night time, and fire it up. Of course I always have to hear the question, “why don’t I hear any voices?” I tell them, “learn to read lips, and enjoy the sound of the old movie projector.”

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Out with the Old, and In with the New

New Work Boots
After paying tribute to my old work boots, I thought I would photograph my new boots before they begin the long hard journey ahead.

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Old Work Boots, You Are Still Beautiful

A great pair of work bootsWork boots are always called upon to perform, but seem to be tossed aside at the end of the day.

The other day, I was considering that it’s time to get myself a new pair of boots.   As I was checking out my old ones, I started thinking of all the work and projects I’ve done with them.   They have been on my feet for hundreds of hours of mowing grass, the building of a storage shed and pole barn, the planting of shrubs and seedlings, putting down mulch, and many hours of clearing overgrown brush and trees.

When about to do those sort of tasks, I am not choosing to use sneakers, crocs, or wingtips — it’s always these boots that are called to duty.   At the end of the day, they are taken off, and thrown in the closet or corner, and never given a second thought until they are needed again.

As I continued to reminisce and stare at my old work boots, I decided it was time to give these old boys some love and take a  portrait of them. Even as worn out and tired they appear sitting in the closet, their beauty still shines through.   This doesn’t just apply to old work boots — it also applies to many things that surround us, each and every day — including people.

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The Two-Faces of Dave

Last week on my facebook page, I shared the article Is my left or right side more attractive? Photographer reveals what people would look like if both halves of their face were identical. It intrigued me, so I wanted to try it with a photograph of myself.

To make this work, I would need a headshot with my face dead on to the camera. Usually I am behind the lens, and not in front of it, so I do not have a huge library of photographs of myself, meeting that requirement.  Without having to take a new self portrait, I just used a recent photograph, which I was goofing off for the the camera and posted in Lighten Up.

With a few minutes in Photoshop, I created my two faces.   Which side is most attractive?  Uh, I think I would answer, “None of the above.”

Two face sides of Dave

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The Dimple Pinch

Featured in Breaking Bad
The Dimple Pinch is a blended scotch whisky that, in my opinion, lacks flavor and finish. I guess I am not the only one who feels this way, for after making a couple cameo appearances in Breaking Bad, sales did not boom. Perhaps Walter White is not who you want selling your product.

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